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  • April 24, 2021

    Update from Wendy Thirteen years ago, I jumped into the depths of God with both feet and no life preserver. It was only after it seemed that I was at the bottom of the deep end that I realized I had never had any swimming lessons. But God was faithful. Prior to that, God met me in the place of humility. I was bowed before Him, vowing with all earnest sincerity that, "From this day forward, all I want to do is obey Your voice." I knew His voice and I knew that I had not always heeded it. But now, I was ready to do whatever God asked of me. I had no idea what I was signing up for. Before I knew it, God moved me to a new city and reminded me of His calling upon my life. He had previously revealed it to me but it hadn't made any sense before. I was supposed to write books and speak all over the world. For the first time, I realized that this was for Him and His Kingdom. But me? How could this be? Ministry? Huh? The next thing I knew, God was telling me to give away everything I owned and live by faith without asking anyone for anything I need but just seeking first God's Kingdom and His rightousness (Matthew 6:33,) meditating on His Word day and night (Joshua 1:8,) and delighting myself in Him (Psalm 37:4.) If you've ever been in a position where you really really need God to come through for you... and then He does (because He's awesome)... then you have a pretty good idea of what the last thirteen years of my life have been like. God is faithful. Jesus is enough. He never fails. But at first, I hated living this way. I found it dreadfully humiliating and shameful. I didn't understand why God was doing this to me. It wasn't like God sent me to the mission field, or to seminary, or into any other type of "box" that people could get their minds wrapped around because they had seen it before and knew what it was. Instead, it seemed I was a freak and a fanatic who had lost my mind and common sense. People were unkind, uncaring, inconsiderate, accusatory, and cruel. So, with self-righteous self-pity, like Job, I cursed the day I was born. I asked God to stop beating me up and just be done with me if it was going to go on like this. You see, living this way is full of joy unspeakable and full of glory (1 Peter 1:8) but it is also full of hardships, failures, misunderstandings, persecutions, and all manner of trials which God uses to transform us, mature us, and make us like Jesus. He is the Potter, we are the clay. In the early days of obedience with much resistance, I asked God many times about why I couldn't go get a job to provide for myself. I tried to compromise by saying I'd only work a part-time job so I could obey God with the rest of my time while maintaining the dignity of self-sufficiency and not suffering the humiliation of being in need all the time. I begged God to let me work at the Walmart McDonald's (which would be a rather strange place for a former New York City investment banker to work.) But God told me, "I am asking you to live this way willingly now because the days are coming when people will have to live this way against their will." What God wanted from me was willing obedience, willing endurance through trials, and willing faithfulness to what He was asking me to do - nothing more, nothing less - no matter what anyone else thought about it and no matter what it cost me. Willingness to wait upon God for His perfect plan and for Him to fulfill His purposes in His way and in His timing. I finally gave up resisting. For years, it seemed outwardly like nothing was happening at all. The worse it got, the more people rejected and distanced themselves from me. But God was working in the waiting, the seeking, the meditating, and the delighting in Him. He was also working in the pain, the rejection, and the crucifying of my flesh. God never left me and never failed me. The Lord is righteous in all His ways and kind in all His deeds. (Psalm 145:17.) In the meantime, God taught me His Word. He began to prophesy through me before I even knew what a prophetic word or a prophet was. He introduced me to His power for deliverance and healing not because I was seeking power or manifestations but because I was seeking Him and that's a part of who He is and what He does. To make a long story short, to this day, I still live by faith in total dependence on God alone. Still seeking His Kingdom, still meditating on His Word, and still delighting in Him. God has been very faithful to me. He has allowed me to co-labor with Him to write books which are all about Him to train His people in His word and ways. He wants His people to know Him. He has sent me (by faith) all over the world to proclaim Jesus, teach His Word, and demonstrate the life of obedience to His voice. He has allowed me to be part of His wonderful healings and miraculous power, from blind eyes being opened, deaf ears being re-created, limbs being grown out, supernatural provision of rain in a time of severe drought when rain season was still months away, accurate prophetic words to people I have never met, and so much more. God is faithful! Jesus is enough! And now, it is a new day. Before, it was as if God asked me to jump into the deep end of the swimming pool. Now, it seems that God is asking me to jump into the deep end of the ocean. The days are upon us which God told me about years ago. Every one of God's children needs to learn to live by faith and obedience to His voice. Every one of God's children needs to know and live His word and His ways. Jesus is the only one worthy of our submission and devotion. He is the only One we will give account to when all is said and done. He is the only One who sets us free from every other captor and invites us to be willingly and completely surrendered to Him. I am still willing because He is still worthy. Here is the conclusion I have come to: It is a privilege to need God. It is a privilege to be mourn over wickedness and the ways of the world. It is a privilege to submit to God and obey Him. It is a privilege to long for justice and the ultimate day of judgment. It is a privilege to show mercy to those who don't deserve it. It is a privilege to be purified in heart by God's process in our lives. It is a privilege to deny ourselves and lay down our lives so that others may come to know Jesus and have peace with God. It is a privilege to be misunderstood, mocked, ridiculed, and rejected for Jesus. For those of us with these privileges, to us belongs the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus is King!


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  • Impact | Manifest International | Charlotte

    Global Impact The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few... - Matthew 9:37 Outreach is everywhere. God sends us to all kinds of people in all kinds of places: the Jew and the Gentile, the rich and the poor, the weak and the strong, believers and unbelievers - everyone needs more of Jesus. We make disciples of all nations through teaching the Word of God and training everyone to live by the obedience of faith. Disciples from Every Nation, Tribe, and Tongue Images from sensitive nations or areas not included. Zion Children's Home God's power in meetings Sunday Church Gatherings Proclaiming the Gospel A brand new believer Clean water through a new well in an Indian jungle village Children receive Bibles for Christmas Jesus is the Same in Northern Uganda Dedicating an Evangelism Center in Lagos, Nigeria Elders and Deacons Consecrated for Service Pastor's Equipping Conference Theologically Trained Pastor's Conference Orphans in India hear about Jesus Jungle village hears the Gospel Youth Conference in France Children learn the rain song - God sent rain! God heals a woman's knee! Healing service Praying for the Blind Children Japanese believers gathering Making Disciples We proclaim Jesus and the simple Gospel of His Kingdom according to the Scriptures. But it doesn't stop there. True disciples are followers of Jesus who learn of Him and put His teachings into practice in their daily lives. We make disciples of all nations through resources and trainings that educate with sound doctrine, challenge and spur new levels of devotion and obedience, and develop genuine engagement with God for daily life with the Lord. Core Curriculum Laying a solid foundation and challenging to spiritual maturity through readings and practical application and spiritual exercises. Podcast & School of Ministry In-depth courses with extensive focus in specific areas of Bible Study, faith, ministry service, and life with God. Publications & Bookstore Producing resources and publishing other authors who share our objective of spreading the word and making disciples. Prayer Guiding prayer into the heart of God and His purposes in the earth. Training Exercises Exercises to aid believers in practical application and genuine engagement with God in their daily lives. First to the Jew Proclaiming the Good News in a manner true to the Jewish Scriptures and God's redemptive plan for Israel. Activated Church Activating believers to walk in the fullness of the Holy Spirit like the early church of the Book of Acts. Recovering Type A Reaching out to those enslaved by the pressures of this world to bring them into a transformed life with God. Good Works in His Name Our Focus Areas of Support God sends us all over the world and we have the privilege of pouring ourselves out into many different impact initiatives. We do this through our own direct outreaches and through investing in fellow boots-on-the-ground laborers inGod's harvest field who proclaim a pure Gospel of Jesus Christ and do good works in His name with a mission and values that are aligned with Manifest International. Humanitarian aid that is not done in the name of Jesus is eternally meaningless. Below are some of the categories we enjoy investing in for the Kingdom and the glory of God. Israel & the Jewish People Reaching the Jewish people with a Biblical presentation of Yeshua the Messiah. Helping them return to the land of their ancestors. Water: Bibles & Wells Delivering the Bible to people in their native language. Plus, literal wells to bring clean drinking water even as we bring the living water of Jesus. Children of God Feeding, clothing, and raising up orphaned children to know their Father, God, through Jesus. Outreach to the Unreached Reaching deep into the places that no one else wants to go to spread the Gospel to those who have never heard. Prisons & Rehab Centers Reaching those who have come to the end of themselves and are ready for change. The Undiscovered & Persecuted The faithful servants of God we meet in our travels whom the world does not know but who are shining light in the darkest places. Please note: We receive solicitations regularly from ministries and churches all over the world asking for financial support. We live by faith and trust God for our own financial provision. We give based on relationship, as guided by the Holy Spirit. Please understand that we do not give to churches or ministries that we have not visited in person. Thank you. Invite Us to Share with Your Congregation or Group We welcome the opportunity to share with your church, congregation, or group about: The Jewishness of Jesus & the Christian Faith God's Redemptive Plan for Israel The Biblical Calendar & Feasts of the Lord Romans 9-11: Cut Off & Ingrafted Reaching Your Jewish Neighbors General speaking on the subject, as led by the Lord Invite Us to Speak

  • FTJ | Manifest Intl

    For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed -a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: "The righteous will live by faith." - Romans 1:16-17 Beloved on Account of the Patriarchs God brought salvation to Israel and the world through the Jewish people in the person of Yeshua (which is Jesus' Hebrew name.) ​ We believe the salvation of the Jewish people through faith in Yeshua the Messiah is still the heartbeat and purpose of God. In spite of the fact that Jews have historically, for the most part, hardened their hearts to the good news of Yeshua, they are still beloved of God on account of the patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.​​ Their hardened hearts are softening like never before, as the fullness of the Gentiles comes to faith in the God of Israel. Even so, until Jerusalem calls out, "Baruch haba b'shem Adonai," (blessed be the one who comes in the name of the Lord) to Yeshua as their Lord and King, He will not return to usher any of us into eternal life in the world to come. Therefore, wherever we go, in every nation God sends us to all over the world, we seek out, find, and reach out to the Jewish people living there. We share with them the way of salvation through faith in Yeshua their Messiah and encourage them to return home to the land of Israel, as promised to their ancestors. We create and distribute various resources to synagogues, rabbis, and Jewish individuals so that even if they reject the message in person or publically, they can study in private and come to know the truth. ​ We also raise awareness and train the local Church about the Jewishness of Jesus, God's love for His people, and His redemptive plan for their salvation. Out of gratitude for our salvation and earnest desire to see all Jewish people come to faith in Yeshua, we do our best to remove every unnecessary hindrance to their faith in Yeshua. This includes aligning ourselves to observe the Biblical Calendar and God's appointed times and feasts rather than the Church's substitutions and the traditions of men which have caused much confusion through their departure from Biblical truth. Romans 9-11: Cut Off & Ingrafted: Jews & Gentiles Are ONE in Messiah To get a free printout of this graphic, click here . To purchase a 5x7 Card of this graphic, click here . Aside from a faithful remnant including the earliest followers of Yeshua, the Jewish people were cut off because of their failture to believe Yeshua as their Messiah. Gen tiles who believe in Messiah have been ingrafted into Israel through faith in the Son of God - the God of Israel, the only Creator of Heaven and Earth. Jewish people are also ingrafted back into the Israel of God when they turn and believe that Yeshua is their Messiah. Now, there is neither Jew nor Gentile but we are all one - a new humanity - through faith in Yeshua. This Year's Biblical Calendar - Significant Dates & Events To get a free printout of these dates, click here . To purchase a 5x7 Card of these dates, click here . More on the Biblical Calendar Useful Resources & Free Downloads Partner With Us in This Work We welcome you to partner with us in our outreach to the Jewish people. Their acceptance and full inclusion in Messiah is great riches and life from the dead! (Romans 11:12-15) Contribute to Our Jewish Outreach Outreach Resources Through Our Bookstore 快速瀏覽 DOWNLOAD: First to the Jew E-Bundle 價格 $12.00 快速瀏覽 Messiah's Healing Booklet 價格 $2.50 快速瀏覽 Messiah's Healing, EBook 價格 $0.00 快速瀏覽 Messiah's Healing, 5 Pack 價格 $10.00 快速瀏覽 Restoring the Kingdom to Israel Booklet 價格 $2.50 快速瀏覽 Restoring the Kingdom to Israel, E-Book 價格 $0.00 快速瀏覽 Restoring the Kingdom to Israel, 5 Pack 價格 $10.00 快速瀏覽 猶太人的兩次末世大戰 價格 $9.00 快速瀏覽 猶太人民的第二次末日戰爭-電子書 價格 $5.00 快速瀏覽 BUNDLE: First to the Jew 價格 $27.00 快速瀏覽 BUNDLE Jewish Outreach 價格 $73.00 快速瀏覽 Prayer Guide: For Israel & The Jewish People & God Loves the Jewish People 價格 $2.00 快速瀏覽 Prayer Guide: God Loves the Jewish People PDF 價格 $0.00 快速瀏覽 Prayer Guide: God Loves the Jewish People 價格 $0.00 快速瀏覽 Prayer Guide: For Israel & the Jewish People PDF 價格 $0.00 快速瀏覽 Ingrafted Card: Jew & Gentile in Messiah 價格 $2.00 快速瀏覽 Ingrafted: Jew & Gentile in Messiah: PDF 價格 $0.00 快速瀏覽 2022-2023 Feast & Months (5x7 Card) 價格 $2.00

  • Truly Walking with God Book | Manifest Intl

    ABOUT THE BOOK George Vitetta always longed for a deep and personal relationship with God but struggled with religion and disappointments with the church. Through God’s gracious hand on his life, George finally discovered how to walk with God and what the Christian life is really all about. He became a pastor and served God all the way to his last breath. ​ Now, in this book prepared by him before his passing and completed by his wife, Cathy, you can learn from George’s favorite Bible teachings about Jesus and the Christian life. ​ If you feel like you have been wandering in a wilderness of confusion about God and religion, this book will help you understand biblical truths and realize that you can truly walk with God! Paperback Purchase a paperback from our bookstore. Click Here E-Book Purchase an e-book from our bookstore. Click Here Amazon Prefer buying through Amazon? Click here. Click Here Free Sample Download a free sample of the book. Download Now " What I can honestly tell you is that in the midst of the storms of life, you can have a peace and joy that surpasses all understanding. You can have a relationship with the living God through His Holy Spirit! You can truly walk with God!" ABOUT the Authors George D. Vitetta’s life was radically changed when he discovered that truly walking with God was so different from what he had experienced in today’s church. As a Pastor, George’s passion was to teach the Bible to inspire everyone towards their own personal relationship with God through faith in Jesus Christ. George passed on to be with the Lord in July of 2022. ​ Catherine M. Vitetta co-pastored their home church and community outreaches. Her first book, Ready for the King, was released in 2023. She is co-author of her husband’s book, completing it in loving memory of him after his passing to see God’s purpose for the book fulfilled. Contact Click here to reach out to the author directly via email. Email now Giving Click here to contribute to the author's minsitry. Contribute Speaking To invite the author to speak to your group, click here. Invite For bulk ordering, please visit contact . Manifest Publications is the publishing division of Manifest International, LLC. Our objective is to help like-minded writers and ministries produce and distribute materials that proclaim Jesus Christ to all the world and equip the global Church for unity and maturity.

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