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  • April 24, 2021

    Update from Wendy Thirteen years ago, I jumped into the depths of God with both feet and no life preserver. It was only after it seemed that I was at the bottom of the deep end that I realized I had never had any swimming lessons. But God was faithful. Prior to that, God met me in the place of humility. I was bowed before Him, vowing with all earnest sincerity that, "From this day forward, all I want to do is obey Your voice." I knew His voice and I knew that I had not always heeded it. But now, I was ready to do whatever God asked of me. I had no idea what I was signing up for. Before I knew it, God moved me to a new city and reminded me of His calling upon my life. He had previously revealed it to me but it hadn't made any sense before. I was supposed to write books and speak all over the world. For the first time, I realized that this was for Him and His Kingdom. But me? How could this be? Ministry? Huh? The next thing I knew, God was telling me to give away everything I owned and live by faith without asking anyone for anything I need but just seeking first God's Kingdom and His rightousness (Matthew 6:33,) meditating on His Word day and night (Joshua 1:8,) and delighting myself in Him (Psalm 37:4.) If you've ever been in a position where you really really need God to come through for you... and then He does (because He's awesome)... then you have a pretty good idea of what the last thirteen years of my life have been like. God is faithful. Jesus is enough. He never fails. But at first, I hated living this way. I found it dreadfully humiliating and shameful. I didn't understand why God was doing this to me. It wasn't like God sent me to the mission field, or to seminary, or into any other type of "box" that people could get their minds wrapped around because they had seen it before and knew what it was. Instead, it seemed I was a freak and a fanatic who had lost my mind and common sense. People were unkind, uncaring, inconsiderate, accusatory, and cruel. So, with self-righteous self-pity, like Job, I cursed the day I was born. I asked God to stop beating me up and just be done with me if it was going to go on like this. You see, living this way is full of joy unspeakable and full of glory (1 Peter 1:8) but it is also full of hardships, failures, misunderstandings, persecutions, and all manner of trials which God uses to transform us, mature us, and make us like Jesus. He is the Potter, we are the clay. In the early days of obedience with much resistance, I asked God many times about why I couldn't go get a job to provide for myself. I tried to compromise by saying I'd only work a part-time job so I could obey God with the rest of my time while maintaining the dignity of self-sufficiency and not suffering the humiliation of being in need all the time. I begged God to let me work at the Walmart McDonald's (which would be a rather strange place for a former New York City investment banker to work.) But God told me, "I am asking you to live this way willingly now because the days are coming when people will have to live this way against their will." What God wanted from me was willing obedience, willing endurance through trials, and willing faithfulness to what He was asking me to do - nothing more, nothing less - no matter what anyone else thought about it and no matter what it cost me. Willingness to wait upon God for His perfect plan and for Him to fulfill His purposes in His way and in His timing. I finally gave up resisting. For years, it seemed outwardly like nothing was happening at all. The worse it got, the more people rejected and distanced themselves from me. But God was working in the waiting, the seeking, the meditating, and the delighting in Him. He was also working in the pain, the rejection, and the crucifying of my flesh. God never left me and never failed me. The Lord is righteous in all His ways and kind in all His deeds. (Psalm 145:17.) In the meantime, God taught me His Word. He began to prophesy through me before I even knew what a prophetic word or a prophet was. He introduced me to His power for deliverance and healing not because I was seeking power or manifestations but because I was seeking Him and that's a part of who He is and what He does. To make a long story short, to this day, I still live by faith in total dependence on God alone. Still seeking His Kingdom, still meditating on His Word, and still delighting in Him. God has been very faithful to me. He has allowed me to co-labor with Him to write books which are all about Him to train His people in His word and ways. He wants His people to know Him. He has sent me (by faith) all over the world to proclaim Jesus, teach His Word, and demonstrate the life of obedience to His voice. He has allowed me to be part of His wonderful healings and miraculous power, from blind eyes being opened, deaf ears being re-created, limbs being grown out, supernatural provision of rain in a time of severe drought when rain season was still months away, accurate prophetic words to people I have never met, and so much more. God is faithful! Jesus is enough! And now, it is a new day. Before, it was as if God asked me to jump into the deep end of the swimming pool. Now, it seems that God is asking me to jump into the deep end of the ocean. The days are upon us which God told me about years ago. Every one of God's children needs to learn to live by faith and obedience to His voice. Every one of God's children needs to know and live His word and His ways. Jesus is the only one worthy of our submission and devotion. He is the only One we will give account to when all is said and done. He is the only One who sets us free from every other captor and invites us to be willingly and completely surrendered to Him. I am still willing because He is still worthy. Here is the conclusion I have come to: It is a privilege to need God. It is a privilege to be mourn over wickedness and the ways of the world. It is a privilege to submit to God and obey Him. It is a privilege to long for justice and the ultimate day of judgment. It is a privilege to show mercy to those who don't deserve it. It is a privilege to be purified in heart by God's process in our lives. It is a privilege to deny ourselves and lay down our lives so that others may come to know Jesus and have peace with God. It is a privilege to be misunderstood, mocked, ridiculed, and rejected for Jesus. For those of us with these privileges, to us belongs the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus is King!


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    ABOUT THE BOOK God has made provision for us through His Word. There are treasures hidden throughout the Bible. We are to seek out these treasures for ourselves in order to experience the love, power, and salvation of God. In this book, Sheila Kay leads readers to these treasures of God’s Word by escorting you through the promises of God. ​ Promises leading the lost to the cross of salvation. Promises bringing healing to our body or the body of others. Promises of hope and comfort to those who mourn and feel all alone. Promises directing us on the path of life and in the way the Lord has for us. Promises giving us the ability to lay hands on the sick and know that they will recover. But also, promises of punishment in hell for those who rebel against God. Receive answers to your prayers by taking hold of God’s promises for your life today! Paperback Purchase a paperback from our bookstore. Click Here E-Book Purchase an e-book from our bookstore. Click Here Amazon Prefer buying through Amazon? Click here. Click Here Free Sample Download a free sample of the book. Download Now "There is miracle-working Power in HIS Word! I encourage you to bring the promises within these pages to His remembrance. These promises are for YOU!" ABOUT Sheila Kay Sheila Kay is the founder and director of Restoring the Broken Vessel Ministries. Through outreach, teaching, and evangelizing, she teaches from God's Word for today's woman. Sheila is available for Conferences, Seminars, Retreats, and Women's groups, giving testimony of the miracles, signs, and wonders God has bestowed upon her through the wonderful Holy Spirit. Contact Click here to reach out to Sheila directly via email. Email now Giving Click here to contribute to Sheila's minsitry. Contribute Speaking To invite Sheila to speak to your group, click here. Invite For bulk ordering, please visit contact . Manifest Publications is the publishing division of Manifest International, LLC. Our objective is to help like-minded writers and ministries produce and distribute materials that proclaim Jesus Christ to all the world and equip the global Church for unity and maturity.

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    你有一本書嗎? If you know that God has called you to write a book, or if you have a book already written and need it published, or if you steward legacy titles for continued publication, Manifest International Publications might be the publisher you've been praying for. Learn More 出版服務 我們力求出版志趣相投的作者,以便神的話語和教義在世界範圍內傳播。我們目前僅在轉診的基礎上審核手稿以供出版。在與作者達成出版協議之前,我們會審核手稿的內容。儘管我們認為不必在每個問題上都達成共識,但我們的目標是出版與我們的核心價值觀一致的材料,這些材料是由為上帝的國度和榮耀而努力的作者撰寫的。 我們可以與您一起走過: 稿件審查 編輯中 格式設定 封面設計 出版物 在Amazon和Ingram上市並可以訪問所有主要的圖書發行商 版權保護 查詢發布 Services 出版服務 Below is a general outline of the stages of the publication process. Depending on the quality and completeness of the manuscript and materials submitted to us, the various stages of this process might be expedited or extended. Pre-Contract Manuscript Review Before we engage in a publishing contract together, y ou submit your manuscript to us electronically in Microsoft Word format in a condition that is as "publication-ready" as you are able to make it. We care about content. We are selective and aim to publish materials that are aligned with our core values in the faith. We also desire for our authors to have a fresh voice of revelation from the Lord, not an echo of existing teachings and doctrines of man. We do not feel the need to agree on every doctrinal point but look for the heart of God in the message and author. ​ We review your manuscript for content BEFORE entering into a publishing agreement with you. At the same time, we conduct an editorial review to assess your manuscript's readiness for the production process. We may respond to you with questions or suggestions to assess our compatibility. We prayerfully determine if it is God's will for us to move forward together. Agreement & Engagement Fee We require a one-time, non-refundable, $1,500 USD engagement fee to cover the expenses of producing your book, including basic editing and proofreading. ​Should your manuscript require additional services such as developmental editing before it is production-ready, we will quote you a price for these additional services. ​We also recommend adding Copyright Service to protect your book from plagiarism. Editing & Message Expression Next, you work with our editors to polish your document for typos, grammar issues, communication points, etc. We may also suggest some rearranging of content for improved delivery of God's message in your book. Our primary focus is on clearly and accurately presenting what the Lord is communicating through your book. Cover Design & Interior Formatting You work with one of our graphic designers to create a book cover design that will draw people to your book. Your book will be assigned International Standard Book Number (ISBN) in each format and will be priced to sell. You also work with our team to select the appropriate interior formatting, fonts, and design for your book, including formatting any charts, tables, or images in the body of your title. ​ Once you have approved the final interior and cover files, we submit the documents to the printers for book production. We proof the files on your behalf for print-readiness. Distribution & Author Copies ​Your paperback book will be listed on and Amazon’s international partner sites. Your e-Book will be available on Amazon Kindle. Your book will be listed in Ingram's catalog which is used by major bookstores all over the world. Your book will be listed in our Bookstore . If there is high and wide enough demand for your title, it may be selected for larger distribution channels, including major bookstores. Even so, most of the books you sell will be to people who know you or have been impacted through your personal ministry. ​ You may order unlimited author copies of your titles from us at lower than wholesale prices. Then, you can sell, give away, or market your book however the Lord leads you. Pay Day You will receive royalties from us on a quarterly basis on the 15th day of January, April, July, and October. You receive a quarterly report detailing your royalty income from print and e-book editions through our various distributors. You receive 80% of the net revenues we receive for your title. The math looks like this: Retail Price – (printing cost + distributor portion) = Net Revenues x 80% = yours! Get Started! We hope this has helped you to understand the phases of producing and publishing a book for the glory of God. If you are ready to begin the process, click below to fill out the New Author Questionnaire. We will start praying for you right away and look forward to reading what God is writing through you! 查詢發布 Process Transfer & Legacy Titles Are you are looking to transfer your published work to a new publisher? Are you the steward of titles by authors who have already gone home to be with the Lord? If so, we will review your titles to assess whether they are eligible for transfer. If they are, we can work with you to transfer the titles to Manifest Publications to ensure that the works remain in production. Fill out the New Author Questionnaire and select the Transfer or Legacy Title option. Someone will get back to you to discuss your objectives and how we might be able to help. Author Questionnaire

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