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Manifest Our King

In-depth Bible study courses to help you live for Jesus.

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Courses Currently Available

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The Gospel
is the Power

This course will propel you into a deeper walk with Jesus. By the end of this course, you will fully know what Jesus accomplished for us through the cross and His resurrection so that you can walk in the fullness of God and the freedom of the Gospel! 

Season 1 on your Podcast Provider.

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God's Economics

This course will give you Biblical revelation of God’s sovereign ownership of all world resources. You will learn how to seek, believe, and receive from God everything you need for fulfilling His plan and purpose for your life and how to walk in His abundance.

Season 2 on your Podcast Provider.

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Humble Yourself:
The Way to Greatness

This course will bring you into a dynamic revelation of the ways of God’s Kingdom. The way up is down. The way to greatness is to humble ourselves before God.

Season 3 on your Podcast Provider.

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Parables of Jesus

This course will impart an in-context revelation of the Parables of Jesus, in order to know Him and understand His teachings so that you might apply them to your life and do them.

Season 4 on your Podcast Provider.

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Jews, Israel,
& Jesus

This course will impart to you a Biblical revelation of God’s redemptive purpose for Israel, the work of Jesus/Yeshua as their Messiah, and how that impacts God’s dealings with the Jewish people and the nations of the world, even up to today.

Season 5 on your Podcast Provider.

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The Obedience of Faith

This course will give you insight into how heroes of the faith received commendation from God. You will learn how obedience impacts your life, the role of suffering, and how you can prove to be genuine disciple of Jesus.

Season 6 on your Podcast Provider.

Upcoming Courses

We are working on creating new courses to help you grow deeper in your relationship with God. Stay tuned!

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