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Joining Our Crew

We are deeply committed to our Crew Members. If we mutually believe that God has called you to be a part of our Crew, we will walk with you in your journey with God towards spiritual maturity and the fulfillment of God's Kingdom purpose for your life.

Praying Hands

About Our Crew

Our Crew consists of unique individuals who sense the call from God that the HUB their place of service for His Kingdom. We firmly believe that God is establishing the HUB not only as an equipping center from all nations to all nations but also as a refuge for His people to live by faith and bring Him glory in the times leading up to the return of Christ.


Our Crew includes people who live nearby, those who live remotely, and those who live at the HUB as a Sojourner. Some projects do require in-person participation but much can be accomplished remotely as long as we are all pulling together in the same direction. We use technology and tools to stay in contact and keep communication open and flowing.

If you sense God stirring your heart to serve God with us as a member of our Crew,* we invite you to submit an application and discover what God has in store for us. 

*Please note, Crew Membership is a mutual commitment to serving God together. HUB Guests and Volunteers have no obligation to become Crew Members and can serve at the HUB indefinitely without the commitment of Crew Membership, as long as the Lord allows. 



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Our Commitment
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Crew Servie Guidelines
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Grace for Godliness





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Crew Sojourner Requirements

Ready to Apply?

Because of our deep commitment to our Crew Members and Sojourners, we expect all applicants to have spent some time serving at the HUB to ensure that we know you and you know us before committing to a longer-term association. 

All Crew Member & Sojourner applicants should be familiar with and committed to living in accordance with Manifest’s ApproachCode of Conduct, and way of life at the HUB. Please also take a moment to review our Requirements for Crew Members & Sojourners before submitting your application.


You are welcome to apply at any time. Applicants may go into a discovery period of continued getting-to-know one another before their application is approved. 

*To serve and NOT live at the HUB.

*To serve and live at the HUB.

Crew Application
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